SWA Reverse Residential Assessments

A Reverse Residential Assessment is a 24/7 model of parenting assessment that takes place in the child’s home or other suitable and safe option as an alternative to a Residential Assessment Centre. These assessments start with an intensive 10-day period at the end of which the outcome is shared with the family and professionals. Decisions are then made either to conclude the work or to continue with further testing for a specified period of time. Regular reviews determine how long the work should continue.

The parenting assessment is carried out by an Independent Social Worker (ISW) supported by a small team of Social Work Assistants (SWA) who move into wherever the child is on a 24/7 basis. The SWAs oversee the parent’s day to day activities providing advice, guidance and coaching where necessary. Their observations and interventions inform the assessment.

The ISW’s role is to set the boundaries and structure the assessment in conjunction with the parent, family members and connected people; interview the parent; establish the baseline; set tasks; provide feedback; and write the report.

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