CF Social Work were delighted to be offered the opportunity to attend the ‘Employability Day’ for Social Work students at Suffolk University in Ipswich yesterday.

To meet and discuss the Social Work sector, Social Work services and disciplines and the future of Social Work with such a diverse group of students was both a privilege and an education in itself.

But why were we there?

How can CF Social Work provide opportunities for students before they qualify?

Co-Parenting services from C F Social Work

CF Social Work a unique Co-Parenting Service


Some of our best Social Work Assistant staff are Social Work students, and they are generally those with some placement experience and keen to improve their CV’s and find out exactly how challenging the work can be.

We all know that Social Work theory is one thing, but living up to the challenge and carrying out the actual work is something entirely different. Nothing beats hands on experience!

Plus, of course, most students need to work, that is a fact! So why not build a brilliant CV while you study?

The opportunities we offer Social Work students are always monitored and managed by senior qualified members of staff and they are always realistic and in line with their student capabilities.

Here’s how the very new concept of Social Work Assistants all began.

CF Social Work previously offered a successful Family Support Service which through its reputation gained contracts throughout East Anglia, London and the Home Counties. The company had contracts throughout the UK to work with children and post 16 young people with significant difficulties or on the edge of care.

In 2018, CF Social Work undertook a review of the way in which we had previously provided this service and in particular the outcomes we had achieved for young people under this model. Whilst we were satisfied that we had promoted significant change for many families, the outcomes for children and young people on the edge of care and edge of gangs were harder to evidence.

As a consequence, our CEO, Cheryl Finlayson and the CF Social Work development team created an entirely new and innovative way in which we believe we can help make a difference to this vulnerable group and at the same time assist LA’s to achieve a much higher ratio of positive outcomes.   The remodel is totally based on social work concepts, models and practice and the focus very much current, training and providing workers skilled in the subjects of CSE Trafficking, Drugs and Alcohol, gangs and violence.


Social Work students wanted at CF social work


In 2018, CF Social Work held a recruitment drive to employ and contract skilled and experienced Social Work assistants who underwent rigorous recruitment and participated in a 2 day training event as part of their 12 week induction, facilitated by Independent Senior Social Workers and Psychologists before completing their compliance.

This group of highly skilled individuals are located in teams in Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk and various London Boroughs.

The Social Work Assistants will be undertaking a ‘Coaching’ type service with young people who are likely to exhibit a number of the following characteristics:

  • Engaged in risk taking behaviours that are significant and or escalating

  • Missing from care and or education

  • Not engaged in employment, education or training

  • At risk of Child Sexual Exploitation

  • Engaged in personal substance misuse

  • Have emotional well being or mental health concerns

  • Involved in gangs/serious youth violence

  • Are not achieving the goals and outcomes set out in their care plans

  • At risk of not making successful transition to adult life

The availability within the new SWA team would allow 24/7 packages to be covered if young people required permanent supervision. These packages also work in conjunction with our Education Department and provide a comprehensive Wrap Around service.

Reverse Residential Assessments from CF Social Work


Additional Services using Social Work Assistants include:

  • Up to 24/7 intervention in complex family situations

  • Co-Parenting with children at home on Care Orders

  • Role Modelling and Coaching

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Respite for Parents and Carers

  • Activities to avoid social isolation

  • Activities for children with learning and or physical disabilities (non CQC)

  • Emergency intervention in placement breakdowns

  • Reunification work

This could be the ideal opportunity for you to thrive as a Social Work Assistant, you can earn a good wage, be your own boss, work the hours to fit in with studying and create a superb Social Work based CV before you have even qualified.  Sounds good, right?


CF Social Work looking for Social Work Assistants

CF Social Work at Suffolk University


If you are a Social Work, Psychology, Sociology and Criminology or Nursery Nurse student looking for some exciting work challenges and a good wage, please call Peter or Amanda on 01473 725794 or email or

Alternatively, if you are a Local Authority or a Law firm looking for Social Work Assistants to help with your client workload or you want to know more about our unique Reverse Residential Assessments, our new Education Wrap Around service or our innovative Co-Parenting Packages please call 01473 725794