Home Based Parenting Assessment

Reverse Residential Assessments


10 Day intense reverse residential assessments (RRA’s) – 24/7 Home Based Parenting Assessment

CF Social Work are now offering a 10-day version of this effective assessment. It takes in 2 weekends, which are often considered ‘trigger times’ for families where drugs and alcohol are an issue.

These Reverse Residential Assessments are effective in high-risk cases, particularly with children remaining on CP Plans & where PLO deterrents have not produced change. However, they can be less effective with parents with Learning Difficulties, who may require a longer period of assessment to maintain information shared. Courts are likely to query the 10-day Reverse Residential Assessments in these kinds of cases, however, we are always open minded to discuss your requirements and to create a package to suit your individual case needs.

A team of two SWA’s alternate 24hr shifts in the family home reducing risk during Covid – 19.

The SWA’s are provided with full PPE.

Baby monitors are used to ensure 24-hour supervision.

An Independent Social Worker could be available on request to complete the final court report.

All safeguarding concerns are reported immediately they become known. CFSW operate a 24/7 duty service.

Cost for SWA (10 days) = £6000 (includes daily reports).
ISW Assessment : £1,995 (if required)
Mileage at 45p per mile + VAT

To refer call 01473 725794 or email: diana@cfsocialwork.co.uk

NB: CF Social Work are CQC Registered

CFSW own the Trademark for RRA’s – Reg No: UK00003357891