Reverse Residential Assessments

Reverse Residential Assessments for private law firms


CF Social Work pioneered and developed the Reverse Residential Assessment concept many years ago.

This is a very effective assessment process where we locate ourselves within the family home or another safe alternative over a period of time to be agreed with the Local Authority. ( generally ten days.) During this time, social work assistants working in conjunction with a designated Local Authority social worker or an allocated Independent Social Worker, maintain a 24 hour presence in the family home. This process enables us to intensively observe all interactions and dynamics within the family and complete a comprehensive parenting capacity assessment whilst maintaining the child’s safety at all times.

A Reverse Residential Assessment is generally used when a child is able to remain at home under a Public Law Outline (PLO), is subject to an interim Order and is in a placement. However, it can also be if the child is subject to an Order, is in a placement and the Local Authority are seeking to revoke the Order.

CF Social Work are also able to be instructed on cases where there is a disagreement amongst the parties regarding a Residential Assessment and parental viability needs to be tested. Benefits of this type of intense assessment include a thorough exploration of motivation, adherence to consistent boundaries and the ability to make and maintain routines.

One of the main reasons the Reverse Residential Assessment is preferable to a Residential Assessment is that the parent or parents, and baby or child, benefit from familiar soundings and an existing support network of friends, family and neighbours. Plus, parents and baby do not have to be share a totally new environment, which could be far from from home, with a number of families in the same situation.

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We have provided Reverse Residential Assessments to Legal Firms on a private basis and we have also worked with many Local Authorities over the years including Suffolk, Essex, Norfolk, the Home Counties and the London Boroughs.

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