Education Services


CF Education is a distinctive high quality professional provider of alternative education for young people of compulsory school age (5-16). Our mission is to make a measurable positive difference for those who cannot access full-time mainstream education and are at risk of significant short term or long term disadvantage.

We offer bespoke education packages and 1:1 tutoring for cases referred to us by local authorities or other agencies. These are young people who are excluded from school; at risk of exclusion from school; and school refusers. We also work with those whose education is being disrupted by domestic circumstances, injury or ill health, and young people who are at risk of straying into criminality or already caught up in the criminal justice system. When emergency provision is called for, we can offer a fast and effective response.

We have a team of qualified teachers, higher level teaching assistants, social workers, social work assistants and youth mentors. A rigorous recruitment process, in which safeguarding is central, ensures that our staff have the breadth of expertise and professional commitment to guarantee achievement for vulnerable young people in a culture of unconditional positive regard, confidentiality and safety.  Our tutors can support all ages, from children preparing to take the national tests at key stages 1 and 2 through to those preparing for their GCSEs.

A simple 3-step flowchart will help to explain how we work and why we believe that our service is distinctive:


We expect every young person we work with to achieve academic attainment on a par with good mainstream schools, particularly in English, Mathematics and IT. By boosting functional skills, motivation and self-confidence, we expect to overcome any barriers to attainment. Then, when young people are ready to move on, we expect to keep in touch for as long as practicable in order to learn what we can from the long term impact of our work.

CF Education is not a school but it is as dedicated to the principles of accountability and improvement as the best of schools. For this reason we have written to the Department for Education to support OFSTED’s aim to inspect all alternative education provision. We look forward wholeheartedly to a rigorous inspection framework for the AP sector and already anticipate the aspirations for tomorrow in our work of today.

We put the needs of children, young people and their families and carers at the heart of everything we do