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CF Education are delighted to provide a case study to offer real insight into our innovative services.

We can provide a fully comprehensive range of educational services for children and young people who have specific academic needs. Most significantly, we provide specialist support for children who are currently out of education (or on part time timetables), with the goal of helping them transition back into-full time education or to receive the required Alternative Provision.

We create and implement individualised education programmes facilitated by a highly experienced and skilled team – consisting of Senior Leaders, Teachers, High Level Teaching Assistants and Therapeutic Practitioners.

To help us deliver focused, outcome-led provision we have designed The Milestone Passport.

This is an all-encompassing document which includes a full curriculum from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 4. The Milestones Passport incorporates careful tracking and assessment so at any point crucial feedback on the child’s progress and attainment can be given. The Passport moves with the child throughout their academic journey and is a special book to keep track of their learning and success – a key element to successful transition.

Specific educational services we provide are: 1:1 Tuition, School and Outreach Support, Home and Family Crisis Intervention, Between Placement Support (Reintegration) and Mentoring.

Case Study

CF Education received a referral from a Local Authority regarding Child B who was living in an unregulated placement after his foster placement had broken down.

Child B was currently excluded from his PRU and was receiving no form of education.

After the referral was received, CF Education sent a qualified Teacher to carry-out an initial assessment of the child’s needs. The Teacher – using the Milestones Passport – identified key gaps in Child B’s learning which would inevitably prevent him from being able to thrive and progress academically. From this information and taking into consideration the views and interests of Child B, a bespoke plan was designed. The plan clearly identified learning Milestones (significant areas of development) across the core subjects – Reading, Writing and Maths.

Child B received daily 3-hour tutoring sessions centred around the objectives identified in the plan. All sessions were carefully planned from an experienced teacher and designed to maximise engagement. We were looking to promote good learning behaviour, increase the child’s confidence and well-being, and improve academic performance. The sessions took place in the child’s home or in a Local Authority building.

After 3 weeks of working with Child B and seeing a vast improvement, our Head of Education arranged with Child B’s PRU for him to begin a staged return to school.

For the next 2 weeks Child B attended school one day a week and was supported by a CF tutor. The sessions were successful and Child B was able to work alongside his peers. At this point Children’s Services had identified a long-term residential placement for Child B. As a result, our Head of Education passed on all relevant academic information to help assist in the successful integration. If Child B had remained in his existing placement the desired outcome would have been to increase the time Child B was supported in the PRU and for him to eventually transition back to a full-time timetable.


Educational wrap around service from CF Social Work


Is it safe?

Yes. Education packages only commence after an initial risk assessment has taken place. If a safeguarding issue arises, the tutor would immediately take steps to protect the child and then inform the relevant Local Authority and the CF Social Work office. A senior manager provides 24/7 support to the team throughout.

Is it effective?

The Foster Parents of Child B praised the dedication and professionalism of the tutor and commented how the tuition provided Child B with direction and consistency over a difficult period. The Head Teacher of the PRU praised CF for their support with Child B’s reintegration and focused support. Child B looked forward to his sessions and engaged throughout – demonstrating an improved attitude and clear academic progress.

What outcomes does the Education Service achieve?

  • Provides consistent education and academic support to a child who would be receiving no form of education.
  • Ensures children are engaged throughout the day – easing pressure on parents/carers and ensuring that the child is not left vulnerable to negative influences and exploitation.
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence of the child.
  • Increased chance of a successful reintegration.
  • Improved academic performance.
  • Better understanding of the child’s academic needs and strengths.
  • Improved chance of the child achieving recognised standardised qualifications.
  • Cost-effective means of achieving the above outcomes compared with the available alternatives – moving a child to a residential placement.


We understand that every child has specific individual needs and this is part of why we are so successful, our programmes will never be based on a ‘one size fits all‘ principle.

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We put the needs of children, young people and their families and carers at the heart of everything we do.