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A Connected Persons Assessment (CPA) is a tool for gathering information about whether or not a specific family member is able to provide care to a child in the short term and long term. Our experienced Independent Social Workers (ISWs) regularly undertake Connected Persons assessments and are able to thoroughly explore the carer’s ability and motivation to care for the child in difficult circumstances, in order to provide the children with a link to someone known to them, their family, culture and identity.

A CPA undertaken by one of our Independent Social Workers will pay close consideration to the contentious issue of contact and the nature of the child’s carers’ continued relationship with the birth parent. The CPA will endeavour to include all family members in developing a workable kinship care arrangement for a looked after child.

At CF Social Work we are dedicated to achieving the right outcome for the child and we’re able to call upon our experienced Independent Social Workers to carry out assessments to a high standard so we can offer the best possible chance of case success.

I can confirm that the final hearing in respect the P children concluded on Friday. I would just like to thank you for your assistance in this matter. Your evidence was compelling and enhanced the Local Authority’s case greatly. Counsel has commented on how well you presented your evidence. Well done and thank you. We are much obliged and I look forward to working with you again.Solicitor, Essex County Council Essex Legal Services

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