Bespoke Packages

C F Social Work Education Services


Although each referral is assessed on the needs of the individual child, below is a list of the services we can provide:

1:1 Tuition/Individualised Intervention: A personalised 1:1 Education Intervention – aimed at identifying gaps in learning and working on specific academic milestones for the individual to make accelerated progress. 1:1 sessions are incredibly beneficial for targeted intervention which can be carried out in a calm and friendly environment. Tuition is a proven tool for educating children in specific subject areas as well as demonstrating clear progress for children who have fallen behind their national counterparts.

School and Outreach Support: Early intervention – our outreach education service is an excellent form of ‘early help’. Our staff can provide education for individual children or work within small groups to educate the child/children.  We can provide detailed initial assessments and recommendations for future types of education. 

Home and Family Crisis intervention: This service provides education for the child and their family/carers in their home. Type of education available could be; parenting guidance; behaviour management strategies; understanding educational development, guidance on how to best educate their child; life skills and independence; collaborative work within the education setting; transitional support.


CF Social Work and children in need


Between Placement Support Reintegration Study and Transition Package: It is designed to provide educational support for any child currently out of education. We will provide the child with their own Milestones Passport (a bespoke learning assessment tool written by Ross Evans (CF Head of Education) and copy righted to CF Education Limited).  The Milestone Passport which provide a record of their academic starting point, progress made, academic targets, gaps in their learning, work completed and record of their achievements.  Our team with then work closely with the child’s next education setting and ensure that all relevant information is passed over ensuring the smoothest possible transition back to education. The Milestone Passport would cover the full curriculum or as many subjects as the child/young person could manage. We would normally recommend a minimum of a 4-hour package (to include prep period).  The work is generally 1:1 (Tutor and young person) but could be 2:1 (outreach worker and Tutor to provide additional safeguard). Find out more about the Milestones Passport here.

Mentoring – our mentoring service is an excellent intervention.  We acknowledge that placements can breakdown in all education settings and sometimes the child can hugely benefit from an external adult to mentor them emotionally, behaviourally and academically.  Our mentors are carefully chosen and matched to the individual child in an attempt to help guide them to fulfil their true potential.  Our mentoring service also helps bridge the gap between the child, their family/carers and the education setting. Mentors will have a clear action plan which can vary with regards to duration, frequency and the type of mentoring provided – once again acknowledging that all children are difference.

Training for carers to include:  Child Sexual Exploitation, Sexualised Behaviour, Keep Safe, Sexual Abuse; Parent and Child Assessment training for foster carers etc.

Therapeutic intervention: i.e. Solution Focused Therapy, CBT, Art Therapy, Garden Therapy, Life Story Work, Family Therapy, Theraplay etc. Up to 24/7 (28 day) Social Work Assistant intervention Packages for placement breakdowns. These interventions would be provided during the crisis period for the young person i.e. grief, separation and loss, essential; before moving to a new placement.

For more information on our Bespoke Educational Packages simply call Ross Evans, Head of Education on 01473 725794 or email